Rudy, the reindeer

Tales of Twisted Fibers

Christmas is only about a month away. So who gets an early Christmas gift? YOU! 😀 And my gift to you is this super cute free amigurumi pattern for Rudy, the reindeer.Rudy, the reindeerMade with sock weight yarn and 2.5 mm hook, Rudy is around 4.5 inches tall. As the pattern only uses basic stitches (if you know how to make a magic ring, single crochet stitch, increase and decrease, you’re set to go!) and is relatively quick to make, this amigurumi will make a great Christmas project. Rudy, the reindeerThis is one cutie you should have around you and your loved ones during Christmas. So download the pattern and start hookin’, folks! Christmas is already around the corner.


To download the pattern in DUTCH, translated by our fellow crocheter Jeannette Kemp, click here.

Rudy, the reindeer

If you liked this free amigurumi pattern— and also since ’tis the season of giving

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Christmas Fayre – Viveros Florena — Axarquia Garden Club

CHRISTMAS CRAFT MARKET AT VIVEROS FLORENA, Cómpeta, Málaga 7th December, between 10 and 4. We are so excited about our very first Christmas Craft Market, it’s growing daily so do come and join us. We’ve lots of artisanal craft stalls – jewellery, hand-knitted scarves, organic soaps and body products, hand-painted Christmas decorations, Christmas lights, Christmas cards, […]

via Christmas Fayre – Viveros Florena — Axarquia Garden Club

Patching Jeans With Crochet

This is so cool, have a look at this post.

the twisted yarn

Hello, hello! Do come in. There’s still space on the sofa. Make y’self comfy – I’ve got something fun to show you today that will, I hope, make you smile.

Is everyone here now? OK.

I’m not afraid to admit, I do enjoy a good scrumble of an evening. It fair warms the cockles of my heart, I tell you. Never heard the word scrumble? Well definitions are divided into those that involve baking apples with blackberries (yum), and those more relevant to this post that involve creating small freeform crochet (or knitting) motifs, to be combined into a larger freeform design.

Tonight, I’ve been a-scrumbling with a purpose. A combination of ultra-cheap jeans and hours spent crawling on the floor playing farms with the Toddler Twinnage leads, inevitably and without deviation, to this dismal state of affairs:-


So I decided to crochet away the problem with a 2.5mm hook, a…

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Q for You: What else do you do while you knit?

Interesting read …

Fringe Association

Q for You: What else do you do while you knit? I’m always hearing about people reading while they knit — or even surfing the web — and I’m utterly in awe of that. I love knitting, among other reasons, for the fact that it doesn’t take me out of my life. I can carry on conversations, look at the scenery out a car window, watch a movie with my husband, whatever the case may be. It doesn’t require my undivided attention, in other words, but it does require my hands. I can’t figure out how anyone reads (as in, holds a book open and turns pages) while knitting, unless they mean audio books, which I’m totally on board with. But I do watch movies and television while I knit — preferably a really good TV series I’ve never seen that offers hours upon hours of good company.

So that’s my latest Q for You: What else do you do…

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60 year old magazine…

this girl has knits

My gorgeous friend, Nicole, cuts hair, but isn’t a hairdresser. There is a level of trust I have in this girl, as I ask/push/beg let her cut my hair. Last night, I went to her place for a trim, and she surprised me with this.

From The New Idea for Women; June 23, 1954

A copy of “New Idea” from 1954, which has a knitting theme. I can’t tell you how much I love this. I had a little giggle while I was studying the cover, look at the sneaky placement of a copy of “New Idea” on the side table! And I’m sure that wicker-looking basket isn’t full of wool (and if it is, what a stash!).

From The New Idea for Women; June 23, 1954

I love that the magazine was running a competition for knitters, it is something I probably would have entered, if I’d been alive…

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